Estrogen and progesterone are typically the hormones that come to mind when people think of hormone therapy for women. However, hormone therapy for women involves more than just estrogen and progesterone. Other hormones can and ought to be balanced to their ideal levels. Because testosterone is perceived as a “male” hormone, it is frequently overlooked in HRT for women. That is why at US Womens Medical Center, a women’s hormone therapy center in St. Louis, we created the ultimate guide to what women need to know about testosterone. 

The Ultimate Guide to What Women Need to Know About Testosterone

The purpose of testosterone in women

In fact, testosterone is the main hormone in men. Secondary sexual traits in men like body hair and a deeper voice are a result of testosterone. It is the primary factor in libido and helps with the growth of bone and muscle mass.

However, women also require a small amount of testosterone compared to men.

A small portion of the testosterone produced by men’s testes is converted into estrogen. Contrarily, women primarily produce testosterone in their ovaries, where a greater proportion is converted to estrogen. A small amount of testosterone is produced by the adrenal glands in both sexes.

Although they may not require as much testosterone as men, women’s health still benefits from testosterone.

The following effects in women are influenced by the small amount of testosterone:

  • Bone development and upkeep
  • growth of muscle mass
  • more rapid metabolism
  • cardiovascular fitness
  • drive by sex

What Causes Low Testosterone in Some Women?

Every perimenopausal woman will feel the effects of decreased progesterone production. And the consequences of decreased estrogen production are well known to all women who have experienced menopause.

But as men age, testosterone production also decreases, and low testosterone is linked to many of the symptoms of perimenopause and menopause that affect women, such as:

  • bone density decline
  • decreased strength and muscle mass
  • gaining weight
  • Low-quality drive
  • instability of mood

How US Womens Medical Center Can Help

Hormone levels can easily be disrupted at any stage in life. Whether from stress, birth control, pregnancy, or menopause, no woman is immune to the negative effects of these varying hormonal levels. We are here to help rejuvenate your life. At US Womens Medical Center we offer a variety of services to help women feel and look their best. We work to help balance the hormones and to reduce the negative symptoms associated with hormone loss due to aging.