5 Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy in Women

Today, we are going to discuss the 5 benefits of hormone replacement therapy in women. Now, estrogen is the biggest hormone in women and that is one of the most common hormones we replace when we conduct hormone replacement at US Women’s Medical Center. Estrogen alone has about 400 functions in the body, and today we are going to emphasize five of its most key functions. 

Increases Cognitive function

Firstly, estrogen stimulates a neurotransmitter in the brain and helps prevent Alzheimer’s Disease.

Increases Metabolism

Estrogen has been proven to increase the rate of metabolism, which in turn could help with weight loss.

Decreases Risk of Cataracts

Studies have noted that many women who have developed cataracts have done so during postmenopause, when their estrogen levels have depleted. Estrogen can significantly decrease the risk of developing cataracts during menopause or postmenopause.

Maintains Memory

As previously stated, estrogen improves cognitive function. Therefore, estrogen has the power to keep patients from experiencing memory loss during age progression.

Decreases Overall Risk of Heart Disease

Estrogen decreases the overall risk of heart disease by 40-50%! This is an astounding figure that can quite literally save lives. 

These are just 5 benefits of hormone replacement therapy in women that we are highlighting. There are dozens of benefits of hormone replacement therapy that we have not gone over. If you are interested in hormone replacement therapy, get in touch with the US Women’s Medical Center today!

Hormone Replacement Therapy

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